Testimonials and Awards

“Sarah Brady brings stories to life. She chooses stories with fun words and bright images, a delight for kids’ ears and imaginations.”-A Virginia Librarian, commenting on the program Digging In

“I just wanted to thank you for your wonderful performance yesterday. The kids were so intrigued by your stories and thought that you were amazing. You have a special talent that connects with the kids, and I wanted to thank you for providing such a wonderful opportunity to our students.”-Marianne McMillan, Chesapeake Public Schools, commenting on an historical program for high school students

“Sarah Brady’s performance concerning Thomas Paine’s origins and inspirations was moving and engrossing, and it gave me chills. She adeptly gave a deeper emotional dimension to Paine that had been missing in some portrayals, and she produced a personal connection between the audience and the impact that Paine had on the world. Phenomenal.”
Gary Berton, President of the Thomas Paine National Historical Association, Coordinator of the Institute for Thomas Paine Studies at Iona College

“That was better than t.v.!” Dr. Shawn McFarland, after a storytelling concert

Winner, Best Actress, 7th Annual Smithfield Little Theatre One-Act Play Festival, 2013

Winner, Best Vignette (for The Book of Ruth), 7th Annual Smithfield Little Theatre One-Act Play Festival, 2013

Winner of the first Story Slam at the 2nd Annual Culpeper Tells Storytelling Festival, 2015

Sunburst Performing Artist of the Year, Young Audiences–Arts for Learning–Virginia, 2017

Excel Award Honoree for Arts in History, Women in Worship Ministries (Fredericksburg, Virginia), 2017

First Place, Cambridge Storytellers Liars Contest (Cambridge, UK), 2019

“Uncivil wrongs led to Civil Rights. These stories, told separately and in tandem by two masterful tellers, are terrific testimony to those who dare to stand up and overcome in troubled times of prejudice.”– Lynn and Bill Ruehlmann

“While watching the enthralling program ‘Civil Rights: Finding a Voice’ at the historic Portsmouth Colored Community Library Museum by Sheila Arnold and Sarah Brady I saw what can happen when people get so swept up in their emotions that they are no longer aware or in control of them. The last story of the friendship between two girls, one white and one black, is told with such delight and innocence that I was struck with the truth of it.”–Norris Spencer

“I have read enough about racism and the struggle for freedom and justice in the U.S. not to be surprised or shocked by the stories, but I was moved as I never have been at a storytelling (in twenty years of listening to tales, all over England). And although the stories told of violence and horrifying prejudice they were so well crafted that we were gripped, and entertained, and I would gladly listen to the same again this coming week. It was also entirely convincing that although what Sarah and Sheila do is dangerous it is also deeply fulfilling and they feel their lives to be worth living.”–Peter Hilken

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