Sarah Brady is a storyteller, teaching artist, and writer whose backgrounds in theatre and education influence her storytelling. She taught communication and theatre at multiple universities before making her way toward solo performance and then into the storytelling world. She has told stories in the US and UK, where she lived for three years soaking in stories as her roots grew deep in British soil. Sarah’s telling spans genres of historical, traditional, literary, and personal tales, while her awards include being chosen the Sunburst Performing Artist of the Year from Arts for Learning Virginia and selected as best liar of the Cambridge Storytellers Liars Contest. Passionate about stories that help us see each other and the world around us, she specializes in finding the heart of each story she tells.

Featured Programs

The White Rose

The White Rose: Hans and Sophie Scholl’s Thoughts of Freedom

Munich, Germany, 1943. Two siblings who came of age in the Third Reich walk a well-known path toward an uncertain future, carrying hidden words of resistance and hope. Buoyed by faith, stories, and songs, they are confident that, in the midst of the darkest of times, their thoughts can still be free. 

This age-differentiated performance, followed by a time of discussion, is appropriate for fifth grade through adult audiences. The program is offered live in-person or online, with a hybrid pre-recorded alternative available as well. 

King Arthur

King Arthur: Stories from Around the Table

Everyone’s heard the story about the boy who became king, the sword in the stone, and the most famous of Round Tables. Many came to that table, but not everyone was given a seat. Join Sarah Brady and Marion Leeper as they tell the stories of those others–the servants, the women, even the animals–in an hour-long program that will delight and engage.

This virtual program, offered in versions suitable for children or adults, invites audiences to experience these legends in a fresh way, as told by storytellers who come from both sides of the pond.

Contact Sarah Brady to find out more and to bring either of these programs to your venue.

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